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Da Haven

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Directors:  Michael Gravely Jr. & Gary A. Tate Jr. 

Associate Producer:  Dominic Jones &  Steve Ayers

Genre:  Documentary

"Da Haven" follows the journey of a powerhouse inner city football team from Columbus, Ohio as they tackle challenges on and off the field, The team managed to defy the odds and win the city its first (and only) state football championship game. Through personal accounts and exciting stories "Da Haven" re-visits the exciting (and at times uncertain) journey in the lives of the players, coaches, and community who experienced this unprecedented year in football history.

Quarter 1: Building the Foundation 


The Bearcats share their disappointment of failed OHSAA final four defeats. However, the mistakes that derailed past teams were a challenge that the 2004 Bearcats were ready to take on.


Dedicated to Terry Glenn


Quarter 2: Missing Pieces


A conversation during a track meet leads to three players transferring from Marion Franklin to Brookhaven. The transfer prompts major buzz around the city of Columbus,Oh. But the new additions would have to learn the Brookhaven way. 


Dedicated to Coach Gregg Miller


Quarter 3: Drive on, Bearcats!


 Families will be divided when the Bearcats meet their backyard rivals The Cougars of Beechcroft. After this fierce battle concludes the City League will come together as the Bearcats take on a suburban powerhouse in the Pickerington Central Tigers.


Dedicated to Preston King

Quarter 4: One Team. One Goal.


The Bearcats look to make history by being the only Columbus City League Team to win the OHSAA football State Championship.           


Dedicated to Jayson Gwinn




Dedicated to All Brookhaven Football Alumni

Da Haven Documentary

Da Haven Documentary
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1st Quarter: Building the Foundation

1st Quarter: Building the Foundation

2nd Quarter:  Missing Pieces

2nd Quarter: Missing Pieces

3rd Quarter: Drive on, Bearcats!

3rd Quarter: Drive on, Bearcats!

4th Quarter: One Team. One Goal. & Overtime

4th Quarter: One Team. One Goal. & Overtime

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