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Steve Blackledge, Retired Columbus Dispatch Sports Beat Writer

"Exhaustive research, insightful interviews and a treasure trove of highlight reels bring to life the in-depth story of a once-in-a-lifetime inner-city football team that brought home a state title to Columbus. This is a must-see documentary for any high school football fan who lived through that glorious era and those who simply appreciate an honest-to-goodness success story. I’m proud to have contributed to this ambitious and well-executed effort." 

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Tihon Johnson, Kingdom League Founder and Northland High School Head Basketball Coach

"Da Haven was a historical classic! It was cool to see where the Brookhaven football program began, all the way to them being the first Ohio public school to win the Division 2 state championship. It was also beautiful to witness the brotherhood formed between those guys and Gary Tate in those workouts throughout the summer. That Brookhaven team is arguably the best team ever and produced a couple NFL players. I was glad that DJ got his flowers. He is one of the best players and leaders Ohio football has ever produced. All in all “Da Haven” was a great documentary!" 

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How to Watch Da Haven Documentary

DaHaven Release Date Announcement

Release Date Aug. 26, 2022

270 Hoops Partnership Announced

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Da Haven Featured at Otterbein University International Sports Film Festival of Ohio

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Da Haven featured at ISFFOhio

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